Hung Vo

In his 12 years so far in the advertising & marketing industry in Vietnam & Southeast Asia, Hung Vo has been working with over 100 leading international & local brands across 10+ different categories from FMCG, finance & banking, automobile, real estate, mobile phone, home appliance, food & beverage, e-commerce to footwear, winning over 22 & counting international & regional prestigious awards from AMES, PR Asia Awards, APEA, Youtube Ads LeaderBoard APAC & many more. He’s currently the CEO & Strategic Planning Head at the most international-award-winning local agency in town – REDDER Advertising.

At the same time, he’s also taking the role of Vice President of Marketing at Biti’s, driving the company significant growth & innovation since 2016. He’s behind the talked-about campaigns recently of Biti’s as Đi Để Trở Về, Bước Chân Cổ Tích and Kỳ Thực Tập Trong Mơ/Đi Rồi Sẽ Đến.

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